ALA Vision and Goals


ALA is the undisputed leader for the business of law, focused on the delivery of cutting-edge management and leadership products and services to the global legal community.  We solve the most critical strategic and operational challenges our members and customers face today, while we prepare them for the opportunities and challenges of tomorrow.


Goal 1: Define Our Identity

Define a clear, compelling organizational identity that reflects who/what the association represents and that effectively focuses its programs, services and activities.

Condition: As the legal industry has changed, so too, has ALA’s membership, member and business partner needs, and ALA’s role in the profession. As we have tried to respond, our identity has become unclear.

Change: To develop a clear, compelling and well-recognized organizational identity.

Level: Achieve annual rate of 90% or higher brand alignment among members, business partners and other legal management professionals in surveys measuring brand perception vs brand promise.

Goal 2: Increase Member and Business Partner Value

Develop relevant, actionable, timely, responsive resources to increase value of ALA to members, business partners and other legal management professionals.

Condition: Facing increased and more complex challenges, members and business partners are seeking greater value for their investment.  To attract and retain members, business partners and customers, ALA must provide modern resources, expert insight, and invaluable connections for its constituencies.

Change: Increase value and perception of value received by members and business partners from membership and engagement with ALA.

a) Increase net promoter score by .3/year through 2020[1]

b) Increase non-dues revenue by 5%/year through 2020

Goal 3: Enhance Industry Thought Leadership

Become recognized as a thought leader in the legal industry by conducting critical industry research and developing new ideas, innovations and solutions to guide the legal management industry.

Condition: Market research indicates that ALA is not perceived as a thought leader in the industry.

Change: Enhance ALA’s image as a thought leader through original research, trend analysis and innovation.


a) Increase unique web hits by 5%/year through 2020

b) Increase number of ALA media impressions (Meltwater/Cision) by 10% per year

c) Increase speaking and content requests from external audiences (other associations, media, attorney associations, for profit groups) – 2 new per year through 2020

d) Secure endorsement of ALA UPBMS from ILTA, LMA, AALL, ARMA, ABA, ACC by Dec. 31, 2020

e) Increase sales to solo and small law firm practitioners by 5%/year through 2020

Goal 4: Advance Legal Management Professional Development

Advance the knowledge, skills and leadership of legal management professionals and strengthen the role of legal management professionals in the legal industry.

Condition: The legal industry is experiencing rapid, transformational change. The skills and training necessary for success is increasingly complex.  ALA must provide resources to help legal management professionals achieve continued career growth and raise awareness of the critical role they play in the industry.

Change: Increase the value of legal management professionals in the industry by developing relevant, insightful, actionable resources to advance their skills and leadership.

a) Improve average session evaluation scores by .05 /year through 2020

b) Increase the number of CLMs by 5% per year through 2020

c) Increase the number of professionals obtaining micro-credentials[2] (50 new per year through 2020)

Goal 5: Build Community and Engagement

Build a stronger sense of community and shared purpose and increase engagement among members, chapters, business partners, and other stakeholders.

Condition: Member and business partner engagement in ALA is declining. Limited resources are creating increased competition for financial support, time and talent.

Change: Increase cooperation and collaboration among ALA components. Increase member and business partner participation in ALA programs and governance.

a) Increase in-person attendance across all conferences 3%/year through 2020

b) Increase number of business partner participants across all conferences 3%/year through 2020

c) Increase participation in member online communities 3%/year through 2020

d) Increase number of qualified applicants for volunteer opportunities